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Skull Dolly Collages 2

Image of Skull Dolly Collages 2


This is a series of affordable small-scale pieces by Andrew Thornton. Colorful, (kind of) creepy, and (hopefully) enticing, this collection was inspired by the Spirit Doll Series. The Spirit Doll Series was inspired Russian nesting dolls, prims (primitive Americana folk dolls/toys), Japanese kokeshi dolls, textiles, and previous bodies of work. With light, there is also shadow. With life, there is also death. The Skull Dollies drew influence from Mexican sugar skulls, memento mori, and masks. Each mixed media piece is composed of watercolors, acrylics, colored pencils, pen, ink, metallic pigment, salt, glow in the dark medium, and collage on thick watercolor paper. The pieces measure 3" X 5".

Coming Soon